Lithium Grim Guitar Effects & PCBs

How and where to Buy

PCB's can be orderd directly from by contacting me. I do give discounts on higher quantity orders and direct orders. I also make pre-assembled and tested PCB's. You will only need to build your own enclosure, drill holes and solder the pots to the PCB. That will save you a lot of time and stress! Ask me about all the options.

Other services

  1. PCB design. I currently am working for multiple boutique pedal builders designing their PCBs to their desired specs. I not only design the PCBs, but also help with schematics and electronic design.
  2. Modding existing pedals (if possible of course). I can also help you with kits you bought elsewhere. I am happy to help with all your pedal and guitar mods. Please note that I only do analogue pedals. Digital pedals are generally not DIY-able.

Please contact me for pricing and rates.

About me 

I design and fabricate effect PCB layouts from my home in Holland out of love for music and technology. It is a great hobby and I get most of the schematics from the internet. I fabricate the effects I personally love and sell the surplus boards. I owe all my knowledge to the people who were willing to help me on the many great internet platforms out there.

Once in a while I blog about some builders related topics which you can find here. Got something to talk about or want me to talk about? Contact me!

If you really want to learn more from the experts, you should visit them for inspiration and guidance just like I did. Have a good look at these sites to start with:


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I am not a goeroe unlike a lot of members on these sites and forums, but I am experienced enough to help you find what you are looking for or if you have a schematic, I can also design a PCB for you for a small compensation! 

My goal is to offer you the best quality PCBs at reasonable prices and I will always try to help in any way I can! Transparency about where and how I got my knowledge and info is also very important to me. If any material I used is not credited to the right person then please contact me and I will correct/rectify it. It is a great hobby and it should stay that way.